Fleeing New Jersey from her sexually abusive and criminal husband, Polly Genucci drives off to Alaska but takes wrong turns and arrives in Nowhere, an isolated Yukon village near an abandoned gold mine. Entranced by the scenery, she decides to stay a few days. Soon, she also becomes entranced by the local bush pilot, a man who gives her hope for love, while showing her that abuse is not part of a loving relationship. However, her husband is not done with her, and the hunt is on.
Emperor of the East Slope

Emperor of the East Slope

A compelling story of an Edmonton visionary who served Canada in WW1 and returned to build an empire.

Golden Quest

An exciting race against time to find a fortune in lost Nazi gold and stop a devastating weapon poised to kill millions.

Winner, Premium Book Awards 2008
Winner, Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards 2014

John is a winner of two U.S. Book Awards

Canadian author John Warner has combined his love of history with an exciting fast paced writing style that keeps the pages turning.